Tablet use by children and teenagers

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 Tablet use by children and teenagers

Research into tablet use by toddlers up to teens.

Tablet ownership also continues to grow, with 51% of teens owning a tablet computer, up from 44% in fall 2012, with 68% of teens identifying Apple’s iPad as their owned device
Piper Jaffray Completes 25th Semi-Annual -Taking Stock with Teens Market Research Project 2013 (US)

In a Nielsen Study (Q4 2011) of  homes in the US with children under 12 years old, 70% of tablet owning households let their child use the device. Of that use, 77% said their children played games and 57% said the tablets were used for educational purposes.

Baby and toddler access to Mobile Devices

Poll data from 2013

Results from 1000+ respondents

Do you let your Baby play with a tablet/smartphone?
Yes 55%
No 45%
Do you think letting your baby use a smartphone/tablet helps them learn?
Yes 50%
No 50%
Does letting your baby play with a smart phone/Tablet too much disconnect them from their relationship with you?
Yes 51%
No 49%
When a baby plays on a smartphone/tablet does it negatively impact his real world social and communication skills?
Yes 52%
No 48%
Does the youth of today spend too much time on smart devices?
Yes 81%
No 19%
If your baby plays on your smart phone/tablet how often do they use it for?
Once a week 23%
Twice a week 18%
Under 1 hour a day 30%
Under 2 hours a day 9%
Under 3 hours a day 6%
4 or more hours a day 6%
 Mobile technology use (US)

10% of 0-1 year olds use mobile technology
39% of 2-4 year olds use mobile technology
54% of 5-8 year olds use mobile technology
90% of student say tablets help them study more efficiently
¾ of those prefer tablets over textbooks
Education apps increase vocab by 17% in study of three year olds 27% 5 year olds
77% of parents believe mob tech aid learning and creativity
22% of parents reported giving child mobile device while running errands
30% of apps on parents phones are for children
72% of educational apps for pre-school.

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